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Every business wants to ensure that it is up to date with the latest technologies, and this very much includes the security and protection of the business and its assets. AEL Fire & Security are providers and installers of access control systems within Sunderland.

Access Control Sunderland

Areas we cover: Sunderland, Seaburn, Fulwell, Ashbrooke, Middle Herrington, Queen Alexandra Road and Chester Road

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Access control systems are the best way to ensure that only those who are meant to have access to your building or business premises are allowed entry. The readers which can be installed at any access point, read card or key fobs to allow the visitor, staff or other authorised personnel to enter the building or business premises.

If you have a multiple occupancy building with different businesses operating within, then you might want to consider installing this type of access to all of their offices so that you can monitor and maintain security for those paying for the service that you provide. Alternatively, you may have specifically designated areas of the building which can only be accessed by certain members of staff and want to increase the security of these areas, then installing access control can help you to do that. Perhaps you have areas in the premises where there are expensive products or stock that you only want to be made available to certain members of staff, then access control is the best and quickest way to add a new layer of security. Combined with CCTV, access control is a must for any business that is serious about protecting its assets.

Newer technology has meant that access control readers are now able to tap into smartphone devices or smartphone watches so that the user can enter with these items instead of a key card of fob. This means that there will be less risk of losing a key card of fob and instead the user will already own the item that they need in order to sign in. Losing key cards or fobs is a risk to security, so AEL Fire & Security ensures that newer readers should have this capability so that your business is fully protected.

When people leave a business, whether due to no longer working with the company as an employee or other authority member, there is less risk where access control is involved as you can easily remove or add people to the system instantly. Moving on to newer technology, like smartphone or smartwatch access, also creates another layer of security as those using this method will be less likely to lose their phone or watch and even if they do, the phone or watch still needs to be accessed by a pin code or face recognition.

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To start your security systems implementation with us today, get in touch with AEL Fire & Security on 0333 344 3717 and we will give you a no-obligation quote and site visit within the areas of Sunderland. We also provide our services within the areas of Seaburn, Fulwell, Ashbrooke, Middle Herrington, Queen Alexandra Road and Chester Road. It is important that you protect your business premises, yourself and your staff and the best way to get started is with access control systems on your business or commercial premises.