Security Fencing including Palisade, Mesh & Electric

As a leading commercial fencing and automation company we can provide secure and robust systems for physical perimeter security of your estate, allowing for automated access into the site.

Security Fencing

Our security fencing offers a higher level of resistance than standard fencing and will usually be installed using steel palisade, rigid mesh panels or chain link. Our security fencing solutions are designed for complete perimeter protection barrier in environments where security is paramount, such as schools, railways and prisons.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is a popular choice when you require a higher level of security and vandal resistance. We can supply and install steel palisade fencing for schools and industrial sites which provides high damage resistance and is near impossible to climb.

The versatile design of this type of fencing can easily accommodate all of your site requirements, including multiple rails, bespoke hole positions, extensions for barbed wire and extended pales for concrete or burial sills.

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Mesh Fencing

We offer a wide range of steel security mesh fencing systems which are all vandal proof and are a popular way to keep intruders out of a property as their flexible design allows them to be deployed almost anywhere.

Our mesh panels are extremely difficult to climb due to the narrow, close-together wires, whilst the design is built to withstand forceful attacks on the fence itself. Our mesh fencing is suitable for all commercial, industrial, government and domestic installations.

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing provides an extremely effective psychological and physical deterrent to would-be intruders and we can supply and install a system for you which is both safe and legal.

We are accredited suppliers and installers of high security electric fencing, and our system will help keep intruders out of your premises by delivering a short, safe electric shock to anyone that comes into direct contact with the electric fencing and therefore making it impossible for an intruder to climb.