Premises are at their most vulnerable when they are unoccupied, rendering even the most advanced and comprehensive of fire and security systems redundant if they have no way of alerting businesses of an alarm.

At AEL Systems we are able to provide out of hours monitoring for all types of new and existing fire and security systems.

Using a range of monitoring devices such as DualCom, Emizon and Redcare, and signal path technologies including PSTN (standard phone line), ADSL (broadband) and 4G GSM (mobile phone signal) we can ensure piece of mind even when the building is empty.

Fire Alarm

Monitored fire alarm systems provide early warning to any out break of fire on a premises, on actviation of a monitored fire alarm system the alarm receiving centre are able to contact business staff members and / or a nominated keyholding service to investigate the activation.

Most Fire & Rescue Services will not attend to a fire alarm activation via an ARC unless a fire has been confirmed by sight - exceptions to this are for sites with sleeping risk ie hospitals, hotesl, care homes etc. Therefore, for the protection of property and assets it is vital that any monitored fire alarm system is fully maintained and systems are in place to ensure that any notification is acted upon immediately.

Intruder Alarm

To ensure business protection we recommend that every intruder alarm is monitored outside of normal business hours, a standard intruder alarm monitoring contract would result in an alarm receiving centre alerting either business staff members or a nominated keyholding service to investigate an activation. Therefore providing piece of mind that your premises are protected 24/7/365.

However as a an NSI certified installer our systems can provide a Policed responseonce the site is issued with a URN (Unique Reference Number) this would enable connection to the local Police force via the alarm receiving centre, in this incidence an intruder alarm activation would also result in an alert for immediate response by the Police.


Monitored CCTV systems provide a direct realtime connection to trained operators who are able to visually verify any alarm activation. This can result in immediate action including tracking offenders, issuing audio warnings and alerting and directing emergency services to the scene.

By having a monitored CCTV system it provides security for externally stored stock and equipment, plus also providing early warning of site intrusion before any potential theft, building break in or damage can take place.

All monitoring services are provided by approved, NSI Gold accredited 3rd party alarm receiving centres acting on behalf of AEL Systems.