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Fire and Security Systems Lease Financing

Many companies in UK already use lease finance for a wide range business critical equipment, from photocopiers to forklift trucks. However, what many organisations don’t know is that lease finance can also be used for installing or upgrading their fire and security systems.

Where Can I find A Manchester Based Security Solutions Company

AEL Systems provide security and fire systems throughout Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, so if your business is based in one of these areas, then we’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation site visit and quote.

Why Should You Install Alarm Systems for Business Premises

All businesses should do what they can to protect themselves from crime, which means installing the best security systems in order to help you and your security team do just that. Some of the measures you can take include having secure access points:

What is The Importance of a Network Design

Networks that are part of a designed plan rather than those who are just pieced together, perform typically better due to taking into consideration the needs of the network. A good network design will be more robust and allow for better performance overall. Good networks work quickly and efficiently, providing the best platform for all the applications that you wish to use. If there is lag or delayed response time, then any work which is trying to be done by employees will be affected, this is one of the reasons why it’s important to consider the network design first before implementing any changes or when starting the initial installation.

Security Systems in Manchester, Liverpool & Leeds

AEL systems provide security systems such as CCTV installations, intruder alarms, access control, automatic gates and more to ensure your business or commercial premises is safe. Utilising economical and deployable security-based systems that can be remotely monitored, is the best protection against unwanted visitors and assists in avoiding the worst-case scenario of having to make a claim towards your insurance due to vandalism or theft.

Mobile App Security Systems

Following on from our last blog, we thought we would continue with smartphone access control as there are so many positives as to staff sign in, verifying identity and tracking usage. Due to the touchless method, and without the worry of lost cards and fobs, mobile access is an ideal counterpart to the traditional sign in options. Most people can be seen with their mobile in hand these days executing a range of tasks.
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