Mobile App Security Systems

Following on from our last blog, we thought we would continue with smartphone access control as there are so many positives as to staff sign in, verifying identity and tracking usage. Due to the touchless method, and without the worry of lost cards and fobs, mobile access is an ideal counterpart to the traditional sign in options. Most people can be seen with their mobile in hand these days executing a range of tasks.

Smartphones are the most popular devices for purchasing online (according to Marketing Dive, 81% of consumers have bought gifts on their mobile devices) and most staff or visitors will understand a business's need to bring their security systems up to date, to fall in line with smartphone security solutions.

Getting Started with Smartphone Access Security

Using a smartphone or smart watch, visitors and staff simply present their phone or watch to the reader on the gate or door which they want to enter. Many devices are compatible, which is great for those wondering about whether this type of security will work for them; the solutions cover a wide range of android and apple devices. They are also simple to employ: users will be sent the information to login and activate, they will download the app via an invite and then be enrolled in the system. Once online, the security team can add, manage, or revoke access at any time, at a cloud-based level. The great thing about a system such as this is that the software will continue to move with the times - new updates can be installed at the touch of a button to add new capabilities and even more features.

Modern Security Solutions for Business

As previously mentioned, cards and fobs can be easily accessed by a third party, inviting more chance of risk to your business. Smartphone users will have the layer of security from their smartphone, with most people using fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock their phone before using any apps. Then they will be required to login to the access control app itself in order to enter the premises. Multi-factor authentication also provides another level of security, making this type of access control an overall great choice for your business premises security. If you already have card readers in place, add on mobile readers provide a phased approach thereby creating a hybrid model.

If you're ready to get started with smartphone touchless security solutions then please give us a call 0333 344 3717 on or click here to get a quotation.


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