Parrs Wood High School Avigilon Multi Sensor Camera Upgrade

Following the failure of one of their PTZ cameras, Parrs Wood High School were looking at options for a replacement camera. As is often the case with PTZ cameras on CCTV systems, before it was replaced it was previously kept in a static position viewing one area of the school building – often missing incidents and not being used to its full potential.

As part of their replacement criteria they were looking for a camera/s that could provide improved views of the area that didn’t require any operator input.

Following AEL Systems recommendation took the decision to replace it with an Avigilon H4A Multi-Sensor camera, with four 5MP lenses they now have a constant uninterrupted 360° view of the area ensuring that no incidents are missed.


And with the industry leading onboard analytics able to provide human and vehicle detection, they now have improved out of hours security of the site when the school is closed.

The IT Manager of the school said: “This has been a fantastic addition and improvement to the CCTV system, we are now able to monitor and view the whole area in this part of the school and with overlapping views nothing is missed. We will definitely be looking to replace more PTZ cameras around the school with the Multi-Sensor camera”.

Avigilon Avigilon Avigilon

If you have a similar situation with a PTZ camera that is not being used to its potential, with incidents being missed and not providing the right solution, then give our friendly sales team a call who will be able to provide professional advice on replacement options.


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