Security Solutions for Businesses During Covid19

Adapting your business to using new and innovative technology, which helps to keep your premises and staff safe, has never been more important than during Covid 19.  With more businesses using thermal image scanning to detect those who possibly have the virus, by noting any changes in skin temperature, businesses have been able to ensure that they are making their premises safe and secure.

At some point in 2021 most staff will return to their offices, and for those businesses who don’t have any safety thermal screening systems in place to monitor who is coming in and out of the property, it is time to start thinking about how you can protect against the virus.  It is never too late to begin to put systems in place to help towards everyone being safe.

Leasing Options for Thermal Screening Systems

With this in mind, AEL Systems advanced fire and security solutions offer a lease-based option, which will allow your business to buy thermal imaging scanning equipment at an affordable monthly price.  If you do not yet have thermal screening, then buying the equipment in this way provides your business with a really cost-effective way to get started and adds a protective measure against the virus.  Although much of this equipment was initially built for site security and can’t be used solely to detect coronavirus in and of itself, it is one of the most effective ways of monitoring the temperature of those coming in and out of your business premises.

Touchless Security Systems

Due to the rise of the virus, more businesses are now looking at touchless security systems, which include access control systems.  Again, these provide your business with peace of mind in terms of monitoring staff and visitors that enter the building. With more people using their mobile for different services and apps, it makes sense that staff and visitors to office premises are also using their smartphone as a way to verify their identity and access premises - the perfect way to provide a touchless and modern approach to security.  Smartphone access control, or mobile access control systems are going to be seen to increase in the near future according to various security news, which is inevitable considering how may people use the smartphone to access a range of products and services.

Smartphone Security Access Solutions

One of the reasons for the rise in mobile verification on sign in, apart from the fact that it is touchless, is that people are more likely to lose a key card or fob.  Losing key cards and fobs comes at a cost and a risk to businesses.  Therefore, with smartphone access security solutions, this risk and loss is drastically minimised – staff and visitors are far less likely to lose their smartphone like they would a key card or fob, as most people protect their phone as they would any of their other valuable possessions.  From an article in the Security Magazine noting Proxy’s security trends report, 17.3% of people have lost at least one card or fob in the last year.  Staff or visitor’s forgetfulness is a risk that your business can’t afford to take.  Take this risk away creating personal access on staff’s smart phone, this will mean there is much less chance of them having to call security staff to verify their identity and the software will also allow your team to effectively monitor usage and data – the main benefit of mobile security access control software, is that you will be able to revoke a credential much more easily that you would be able to if a key or fob went missing.  This is a very useful security feature to have available so that when staff permanently leave your premises, they will no longer be able to gain entry to your business.

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