Security Systems in Manchester, Liverpool & Leeds

AEL systems provide security systems such as CCTV installations, intruder alarms, access control, automatic gates and more to ensure your business or commercial premises is safe. Utilising economical and deployable security-based systems that can be remotely monitored, is the best protection against unwanted visitors and assists in avoiding the worst-case scenario of having to make a claim towards your insurance due to vandalism or theft.

Security Tips for Staying Safe

Here are our top tips for helping your business stay safe.

  1. Business security systems – if you are looking for premises-based security, then you should consider all entry and exit points. Access control and biometrics are great ways of providing entry to only those who work at your premises. If an unauthorised person is trying to gain access to a premises, the control system with send out an alert to the security team.
  2. Security that is site based – if your business is part of a large site, consider bollards, fencing or automatic gates as a way to deter those who aren’t regular visitors to the premises.
  3. Consider refuge areas for those who are disabled, in case they cannot easily use fire escape routes or lifts, so that they can call for help should the need arise.
  4. Always ensure that you have a sign-in system which allows you to see who is in the building at any one time. This will help you to keep a log of who is in the building at certain times and should there be a fire, you will be able to ensure that everyone is accounted for and evacuated safely.
  5. Emergency lighting is useful if you have premises at which employees work through the night and these should be present within all common areas of the building, so that people can people can continue to carry out their tasks should the normal lighting fail.
  6. Cybersecurity is also another form of security to seriously consider, in order to protect your networks and business information. Hacking and data leaks have been on the rise in recent years so make sure your business is protected against this sort of threat.
  7. Always have a designated person assigned to the health and safety of each department so that employees have a "go to" person should there be a fire, or security breach. Ensure that this person stays on top of any communications with security maintenance personnel, whether inhouse or outsourced, so that your business is always up to date with its fire and security measures.
  8. Install video surveillance systems which are operable with other leading VMS security systems providers.

If you are business based in Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds, we can provide security systems installation and maintenance, so please get in touch with us for a no obligation consultation. We will begin with the design of your security plan and then arrange for installation. If you already have security and fire system installed, then ask us about our maintenance options.


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