What is The Importance of a Network Design

Networks that are part of a designed plan rather than those who are just pieced together, perform typically better due to taking into consideration the needs of the network. A good network design will be more robust and allow for better performance overall. Good networks work quickly and efficiently, providing the best platform for all the applications that you wish to use. If there is lag or delayed response time, then any work which is trying to be done by employees will be affected, this is one of the reasons why it’s important to consider the network design first before implementing any changes or when starting the initial installation.

Strong Networks Mean Scalability

If you have a strong network, then when you need to scale you won’t have to think about a re-design, rather you can increase the numbers of users and computers more easily from the original design and also minimise any potential downtime. We will verify what structure you need for the data cabling and provide quality feedback as to what installation is best. Regulated hardware and software that is used bi the network will also ensure that you have networks that need less maintenance or updates. If you are allowing for future growth, then we can build different options into the design.

Improved Service Levels

By having a fresh design and installation of cabling for your business’s network, you will find that you always enjoy prompt service and performance. The range of reaction times to tasks will be much more effective and avoid in instances like loss within a client’s session. Users like to login and expect the business’s systems to work, so to that effect having a well-planned network design will minimise security issues as well as an increase in speed and performance.

Cost-effective LAN Design

There is a chance to considerably save on costs when it comes to doing a completely fresh network design and installation, compared to working on patches of cabling. The cost of design and install could mean that you invariably save money on having to buy new hardware. The ultimate goal of cost-effective network installation from AEL Systems is that you have the type of controlled network that you need, one that provides security against risk and improves usability at the same time. We will evaluate any potential risks before proceeding with the design and installation. We will also try to look at where we can maximise performance of your currently installed data cabling system.

Security of Networks

We should always consider the security of the networks, with the goal being to avoid any attacks being repeated throughout the business. A disaster recovery plan is also part of any network design and there should be provisions for backup power where needed. On a side note, and pertaining to the safety of business’s data, data should also be backed up daily to minimise risk of loss should anything happen to the systems due to fire or other security breach.

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