Where Can I find A Manchester Based Security Solutions Company

AEL Systems provide security and fire systems throughout Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, so if your business is based in one of these areas, then we’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation site visit and quote.

Does My Business Need 24/7 Security?

If you own or rent a commercial premises then the answer is definitely, yes. CCTV which taps into remote monitoring will be ideal for keeping tabs on all the comings and goings to the premises on a daily basis.

If you have a premises which stores a lot of stock, assets or vehicles then you should definitely consider installing CCTV and remote access monitoring as soon as possible to deter thieves or other unwanted visitors.

What Types of Security Does My Business Premises Need?

The best security for business premises is CCTV, access control systems (which only allow those into the premises who have a key card, fob or smartphone app), security bollards and automatic gates.  Considering the nature of your business, or if you have a lot of valuable assets onsite, then you might want to consider installing biometrics as well as the above to ensure that only those trusted employees are able to enter the building during work times or specific times of day/night. 

How Can I Make My Business Premises More Accessible for Disabled Users?

The placement of the access control will be key so that users can reach the key fob pad or reader easily. Another thing to consider should there be a fire or other emergency, will be providing designated areas for disabled refuge systems to be installed so that two-way communications can be made available.
If your premises is a care home or other residence of vulnerable users, then we can also install a nurse call system which so that you can manage your client’s needs when they require help and assistance. 

How Much Will It Cost To Upgrade My Security?

At AEL Systems, we will look at the overall design of the security systems that you have in place and then assess the cost. We offer a no-obligation site visit, so during this time we will be able put together a quote for your upgraded systems.

How Often Should You Have Check-ups On Your Fire Extinguishers?

If you have fire extinguishers in place and you’re not sure when to have them checked, the rule of thumb is to make sure that they are always serviced every 12 months. We will check that every extinguisher is in their rightful place, that they are visible and unobstructed, that they have not been operated in any way, that the gauges are within operational and safe limits and that the seals and indicators are not broken or missing.

Security Systems Quote Manchester, Liverpool & Leeds

If you require a quote for security systems, fire detection systems or fire alarm systems, then get in touch with us today and we will provide you a no obligation quote and site visit to make sure that you have the best systems in place.

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