Looking for COMMERCIAL CCTV in Newcastle Upon Tyne?

If you are a business or commercial premises within Newcastle Upon Tyne, AEL Fire & Security can help your business to ensure that it’s always protected from unwanted visitors, theft, disturbances, or other issues that generally affect the safety and security if your business. For a no obligation quote, we currently offer commercial CCTV as a service to businesses within Newcastle Upon Tyne and Benton, Tyne and Wear, Benwell, Benwell and Scotswood, Benwell Nature Park, Blakelaw and Byker.

Commercial CCTV Newcastle

Areas we cover: Newcastle Upon Tyne and Benton, Tyne and Wear, Benwell, Benwell and Scotswood, Benwell Nature Park, Blakelaw and Byker

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Commercial CCTV can also be remotely monitored by our team should you want to keep an eye on your property at all times and is a useful deterrent to anyone thinking of entering your premises without your permission. It provides protection from criminal intent or can be used to monitor the health and safety aspects of your business – CCTV can be a useful counterpart in protecting your business, your staff and your business’s assets.

If you want to ensure that there are no intruders onto or around the perimeter of your business, then CCTV and remote monitoring can be used to find out if there has been anyone onsite. They are also connected to alarm receiving centres which can be contacted and alerted should intruders come on to your site/premises.

Why choose AEL Fire & Security?

AEL Fire & Security are National Security Inspectorate Silver and operate in accordance with the following standards NCP 104(2), BSEN 50132-7, BS 8418:2010 to ensure that you are provided with the best level of service. We can visit your premises in Newcastle Upon Tyne to provide a no obligation quote for your commercial CCTV design and installation, just let us know your requirements and we will find the best security system to suit your needs.

Commercial CCTV within Newcastle Upon Tyne can be ideally utilised within any commercial premises, to ensure that you, your staff and your business’s assets are protected. A long-range capacity means that we can reduce the amount of detection equipment needed, required to provide the site security. Also, 24-hour monitoring can also be provided if you would like round the clock surveillance of the business site and premises. Give us a call on 0333 3443717 to find out more about our fire and security system services and we’ll be happy to visit your business premises to assess what the best course of action will be.

With the threat of crime against your premises, it’s important to ensure that you have adequate security systems in place to protect the building, your staff and your business’s assets. Remote monitoring will allow us to detect when there are an unwanted visitors or vandals, utilising products such as intrusion detection CCTV systems. PIR, motion detectors, laser scanning sensors and video analytics within the CCTV cameras will help to generate the alarm.

AEL Fire & Security will visit your business premises and site, this is the first step in moving towards protecting your business and everything related to it. Whether you need a completely new installation of CCTV within Newcastle Upon Tyne or a revamp of your current system, we will gladly provide the support and assistance that you require.