Looking for COMMERCIAL CCTV in Sunderland?

Ensuring that your business, your employees and your assets are protected at all times, day or night, starts with your commercial or business premises CCTV in Sunderland. We provide ongoing support of your system once it’s in place and will be able to provide a security system to meet your business’s needs and budget.

Commercial CCTV Sunderland

Areas we cover: Sunderland, Seaburn, Fulwell, Ashbrooke, Middle Herrington, Queen Alexandra Road and Chester Road

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Remote monitoring of your site and your business premises is also included, this means that your business is protected at all times and the team dealing with the monitoring will be alerted should anything happen to your premises or surrounding the perimeter. Installing CCTV and employing the remote monitoring services will be especially useful if your business is high risk and/or you have a lot of assets which are high value, AEL Fire & Security can provide the right type of security systems to suit your requirements.

Commercial premises in Sunderland will be protected from a wide range of products for the design and installation of CCTV systems, and some of these include HIK Vision, Avigilon, Milestone and Dahua Technology. We are consistently looking at the market to ensure that you will have the most recent and powerful technology to ensure that your business is protected at all times.

Even when your CCTV installation is complete, we will provide post installation support to your business and all of our team undergo refresher training to ensure that we are providing the best service to you.

Why choose AEL Fire & Security?

CCTV can understandably be used inside any business premises, to guarantee that you, your staff and your business' resources are ensured. A long-range limit implies that we can diminish the measure of location hardware required, needed to give the site security. Also, 24-hour observations can likewise be given in the event that you might want nonstop observation of the business site and premises. Call us on 0333 3443717 to discover more about our fire and security framework administrations and we'll be glad to visit your business premises to evaluate what the best strategy will be.

With the danger of any wrongdoing against your premises, CCTV installation will guarantee that you have the satisfactory security frameworks set up to ensure the protection of your staff and your business' resources. Remote observations will permit us to distinguish when there are an undesirable guests or vandals, using commercial CCTV frameworks. PIR, movement indicators, laser filtering sensors and video examination inside the CCTV cameras will assist with producing the alarm when required.

All CCTV is connected to an alarm receiving centre which provides out of hours support should the worst-case scenario occur. Again, giving you peace of mind that should anything happen whilst you are not on the site, the relevant systems will be in place to take care of the next step.

Whatever your budget or security systems requirements, we will aim to help you get the best CCTV design and installation for your business.