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As someone with business premises, introducing a fire alarm system which ensures the protection of your most valuable resources and representatives is one reason why you should utilise the expertise of a BAFE accredited fire and security company like AEL Fire & Security, who will complete your fire alarms framework in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Assuming your business is at a high risk of fire, it may be that you already have these kinds of frameworks set up, at that point we will be able to provide you with fire extinguishers or emergency lighting, as additional services. Being protected from the danger of fire is incredibly important for any business.

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Areas we cover: Newcastle Upon Tyne and Benton, Tyne and Wear, Benwell, Benwell and Scotswood, Benwell Nature Park, Blakelaw and Byker

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We will design the plan and of the best fire alarm systems for your needs, and this will ensure that there are ways out and safe regions where individuals can leave as well as trust that help will show up. We're enthusiastic about ensuring the things that make a difference to you most: your employees’ safety and the protection of your business's resources and assets. We provide the fire alarms fitting service to all businesses within Newcastle Upon Tyne, as well as the areas of Benton, Tyne and Wear, Benwell, Benwell and Scotswood, Benwell Nature Park, Blakelaw and Byker. If your commercial premises or business is situated in one of these or surrounding areas, please feel free to connect with us for a no-obligation meeting with regards to beginning the installation of your fire alarm systems in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We have a wide range of fire detection systems and alarms and have many products to suit your business’s needs and budget. Fire and security can frequently be neglected by organisations and it's imperative to ensure that you consider fire alarms systems if you have a business or commercial premises.

Fire alarm systems have a vital impact in guaranteeing that you have the proper framework in place which can identify heat or smoke, giving alert to others inside the premises that something isn't right, and that activity should be taken straight away. Heat detectors, smoke and fire detectors will be activated should the danger of fire become obvious. Smoke alarms utilise an infrared light which is utilised if there is noticeable smoke and once there are various smoke particles going through the unit, the alarm will then be activated.

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Assuming you oversee a commercial property of numerous inhabitants, having an all-round planned and well-kept fire alarm system will be high on the priority list of needs – you should secure occupants and guarantee that they are aware of exits and safe points should a fire start. Disabled refuge areas are one of the services to consider, which is something else that AEL Fire & Security can offer your business. Similarly, assuming you have a business premises which houses various organisations, by installing fire alarms systems you are ensuring that your premises and your resources, as well as these different organisations, are simultaneously protected.

Connect with AEL Fire & Security for your fire alarm frameworks design and installation, and check and guarantee that you have everything set up for a protected and productive working environment.