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As a company with business premises, presenting a fire alarm system which guarantees your assets and protects your business overall is one motivation behind why you ought to use the services of a BAFE accredited, trusted provider, such as AEL Fire & Security within the areas of Sunderland. If your business is at a high threat of fire, it might be that you already have these sorts of systems in place, at this point we can consider providing you with other services such as fire extinguishers or emergency lighting. Being protected from the worry of fire starting is critical for any business.

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We will plan the design and installation of your fire alarm systems, and we will also ensure that there are routes of exit and safe areas where people can leave should a fire occur. We know how important it is to guarantee the things that have an effect to you most: the safety and wellbeing of you and your employees, and your business' assets. We provide our services within the areas of Sunderland, including Seaburn, Fulwell, Ashbrooke, Middle Herrington, Queen Alexandra Road and Chester Road. If your business is located in one of these or surrounding areas and you would like to have a no obligation fire alarm systems quote, then please get in touch with AEL Fire & Security today on 0333 344 3717.

We give a wide variety of services and products to protect your business against the threat of fire and starting with a fire alarm systems installation in Sunderland is a good place to start. We also provide functional leasing options, making us the company of choice for your fire and security system needs. Fire and security can be overlooked by some businesses and in the case that you have a business or commercial premises, you should definitely ensure that you have a fire alarm system installed for greater protection.

Fire alarm systems have an important effect in ensuring that you have a system presented which can distinguish heat or smoke, offering alarm to others inside the premises that something isn't right, and movement to be taken to exit the building, should begin. Heat, smoke, and fire detectors are established so as to be activated should the risk of fire become evident. Smoke alarm detectors use infrared which can distinguish if there is any smoke in general, and once there are smoke particles going through the unit the alarm will be activated.

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If you have a business or commercial premises which houses various occupants, then having a well-fitting fire alarm system will be high on the summary of necessities – you should protect inhabitants and assure them that a plan of exit is available should a fire start.

All fire alarm systems designed and installed by AEL Fire & Security are setup to ensure that you are assured of a safe and fully protected workspace. It all starts with a no obligation quote and site visit within Sunderland or one of the surrounding areas, and we will discuss your needs and requirements at the time of visit.