Looking for SECURITY SYSTEMS in Manchester?

We understand the need for complete protection of your property and recognise that theft from businesses in Manchester and damage to property is not only costly to replace or repair, but is also an intrusion into your space and belongings. AEL Fire & Security can provide a cost-effective solution for you to combat this problem.

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Areas we cover: Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Stockport, Ashton under Lyne, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Bolton

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Businesses that are looking for security systems in Manchester should try AEL Fire & Security. Our years of experience and training mean that we can offer a variety of services with expert installation and maintenance as standard. Whether you have a small or large business premises, or are part of a larger organisation, we have a range of ideas to protect and ensure the safety of your premises and staff.

Security bollards are useful in preventing or blocking traffic, and for your security teams provide a useful deterrent to visitors when assessing whether they should have access to the building in question. AEL Fire & Security offer telescopic bollards, removable bollards, root fixed bollards and fold down barriers; some of these options will allow for temporary vehicle access when required. Vehicle traffic barriers are also useful if any civil works or electrical mains supplies works are being completed.

AEL Fire & Security are approved installers of BFT, CAME, Nice, FAAC UK and parking facilities and all of our installations meet the requirements of British Standards. Automatic gates installation can also provide you with a way to control the traffic entering and exiting your business’s premises. There are many options for the entry and exit of these systems which include: swipe cards, induction loops, proximity tags, keypads, remote control and intercom systems which could be used by your initial security team.

Why choose AEL Fire & Security?

If you have a security system’s design in mind, then AEL Fire & Security will work with you to make your project happen and ensure the seamless installation and maintenance from thereon. Get started with your security systems installation in Manchester or within the surrounding areas of Bolton, Oldham, Bury, Rochdale, Wigan, Swinton, Streford, Stockport, Ashton and Altrincham.

Security fencing, including electric fencing, are also ways of protecting your business from theft and vandalisation. This type of security is good for all commercial installations, industrial, government and domestic use. It can be considered an extreme security measure but if you have a high value business or expensive assets onsite, then it is definitely worthwhile pursuing this type of security installation.

Your security systems are crucial to your business’s safety, and AEL Fire & Security takes pride in delivering first class fire and security services to all business types. These systems can be controlled by audio or video access, ensuring that you can monitor who is entering the business at all times. Installing security systems provides your business with peace of mind.

Offsite monitoring is also especially useful if you are concerned about the security of your business premises whilst you are not there. AEL Fire & Security can provide offsite, out of hours monitoring and normally this is linked to the fire alarm systems or intruder alarm. We recommend that all intruder alarms are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and this is part of the service that we provide to you. We can also monitor CCTV, which is directly connected to trained operators who can alert an emergency or warning to the services needed.