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Your fire safety responsibilities as a business owner

Fire Safety Responsibilities

If you are a landlord, business owner or anyone else in control of a non-domestic premises, it is your responsibility to ensure your premises meets the legal requirements for fire safety.

This responsibility includes:

  1. Carrying out fire risk assessments that are regularly and prudently reviewed to determine the risk of fire on your premises
  2. Communicating the results of your risk assessments to your staff
  3. Providing fire safety measures including fire detection systems, fire alarms and fire fighting equipment that are maintained in full working order
  4. Providing an emergency plan for the event of a fire, ensuring it takes into account vulnerable people such as those with mobility restrictions
  5. Providing information and training on fire safety to your staff

Fire causes catastrophic damage to property and risks the lives of everyone on the premises. Fire can start in some seemingly unlikely places and spreads quickly once it takes hold. Appropriate fire safety measures considerably reduce the risk of an incident that could see you forking out for repairs or fines, or even see you jailed for failing to meet your fire safety responsibilities. This is more than a box-ticking exercise!

In a 2016 court case, a Liverpool landlord who failed to meet the legal fire safety requirements was fined £40,000 and ordered to pay thousands in prosecution costs after his property was gutted by fire. Most egregiously, he had not even installed a fire alarm system or appropriate fire doors. Some tenants were injured in their escape but fortunately no-one was killed.

Do not make the same mistakes; ensure your premises has a working fire detection and fire alarm system, and meets the legal requirements for fire safety. Not sure where to start? Contact us on 01325 467398 for more information and to arrange your free site visit!

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Why you need a Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

You may be aware of a legal requirement for businesses to have a Fire Safety Risk Assessment, and to maintain careful records of the information gathered as part of the assessment and the actions taken as a result of it. This requirement will apply to you if you:

  • Have more than five employees (part and full time)
  • Accept visitors from the public to your premises
  • Are a landlord of either private or business residences
  • Are self-employed with a business premises

What is a Fire Safety Risk Assessment?

A Fire Safety Risk Assessment is intended to be a comprehensive analysis of your property and premises which will highlight any potential risks to you, your staff and any visitors, and enable you to formulate plans and policies which will keep all safe in the event of a fire.

Here at AEL Systems, we can complete a Fire Safety Risk Assessment for your business which will

  • Help you examine any potential hazards such as sources of fire, potential fuels or materials which could set alight.
  • Help you identify those who might be at risk if there were a fire, including any people who would be particularly vulnerable (including children and the elderly).
  • Enable you to evaluate the information and act properly upon it. From there, you can formulate plans to ensure the safety of everyone in the event of a fire and ensure you have all you need to communicate the plan to your staff and visitors.
  • Ensure you have everything you need to record, plan and train in your new fire policy, including the delivery of a fire escape policy to all members of staff, the practice of a fire drill or evacuation and the display of any materials or information pertaining to your action plan.
  • Allow you to review and maintain your policies to ensure your policies remain legal, accurate and up to date.

Please contact us on 01325 467398 or send us an email to discuss your Fire Risk Assessment in more detail.

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Installation Electrician Required

Permanent / Full Time

An Installation Electrician is required to join an electrical fire and security system specialist company based in Darlington. Duties include: - Electrical testing and inspecting. - General electrical installation works as required. - experience within commercial installations Competencies

Qualifications required: - CSCS JIB Card - C and G NVQ Level 3 or Equivalent - C and G 2391 Preferred but not essential - C and G 17th edition qualification Permanent position. JIB Wages based on experience. Vehicle and phone provided.

Clean driving licence preferred.


How does better fire safety affect your insurance premiums

Running a family home is a pretty expensive affair given all the bills, utilities and so on that you have to keep on top of at the same time as keeping all the members of the household fed and clothed. One expense you generally can’t do without is home insurance because that’s the type of cover that protects your house and belongings against things like fire.

However, home insurance is likely to be much more expensive for you to take out if you don’t do yourself a favour by improving the fire safety and security of your house. The more security measures you have in place, the less expensive your insurance is likely to be with regard to break- ins and things. The more smoke detectors, fire alarms and other systems you have in place, the less likely it is that fires will run their course on your property and this will drive your insurance premium down too.

Of course, some insurance policies may actually rest upon the presence of comprehensive fire safety systems and security systems, in which case they will be invalidated and insurers won’t pay out if they find you don’t have the right equipment installed.

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No room for complacency in fire safety

It’s funny how your approach to fire safety can become relaxed over time purely because you haven’t actually experienced a fire for yourself. It’s very easy to become complacent, but the fact is that the risk of fire doesn’t decrease in any way – it’s only the way think about it that changes. As such, you may start out planning to introduce fire safety measures at home, but you never get round to it and nothing forces your hand.

The trouble with this attitude is obvious. Eventually, you do become a victim of a fire incident and you lose belongings and suffer the consequences. In the worst cases, you or a member of your family may suffer serious injuries or lose their lives to fire. Of course, not everyone experiences a fire at home in their lives, but the odds are against you if you don’t have fire safety equipment installed.

The bits and pieces that can save your life and your property are actually incredibly simple. Smoke detectors and fire alarms often provide enough of an alert for you to contain a fire or at least get everyone out of the house so no-one suffers any harm. You might want to consider a small fire extinguisher or two as well so that you can tackle a small incident before it becomes a large incident – but only if you feel confident that it is manageable.

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